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Programming Merit Badge!

posted May 25, 2020, 6:29 PM by Dawn Howe
We finished the Programming Merit Badge over the last several weeks.  If you missed any part of the merit badge or were not able to follow everything I was doing (I know I went super fast!!), here is everything you need to finish on your own:

1. You can find the merit badge worksheets (and you can print it out) at
2. The powerpoint slides which have all the information I provided can be found on the troop website ( ) and click on the Documents/Forms on the left navigation)
3.We used to program a web page.  Mrs Schmidt sent out this message:
    To finish up your website coded in HTML for the Programming merit badge that we worked on last week, attached are two files with HTML code. One is named simplehtml.pdf and the other is named advancedhtml.pdf. Choose one of them and enter all the code into your index.html file that we worked on last Troop meeting. If you struggled last week, 
    choose the simple file. If you want more, then choose advanced and you'll have a richer website.

    If you didn't get the .css file downloaded from last week's Troop meeting, it is also attached.

    After you get the HTML code typed in to your index.html file and download the styles.css file, use Brackets to edit the references to the photos in both files to use your photos. Also edit the code in index.html to use your text to name and describe your photos.
4. For the 2 other programs, there are instructions in the power point slides. You will need to create a login at  I know I went too fast on the python programming, and here is a really good youtube video that walks you through some really simple programming  To complete this, you need to create your own program, not just copy some code.  So, I challenge you to draw a snowman (hint: you can use to draw a circle 30 pixels wide)

If you need help with any part of the merit badge, please reach out to Ms Schmidt or me and we would be happy to set up a conference call to help you out.

Yours in scouting,
Mrs Howe