Weekly Meeting Agenda

October, 2016

The Troop Theme for October is "Citizenship".  Ryan H is the designated leader to prepare Citizenship-related activities for our October meetings.  Nick Dawson is his designated "Eagle Mentor" and Mr. Kane is the designated "Scoutmaster Mentor".  Scouts should try to attend all of the October meetings if possible to take advantage of completing numerous Citizenship-related rank and merit badge requirements. 

Save the date for Tuesday, October 25 in the evening.  Mr. Kane is working on arranging a visit to the Broomfield City Council vis-a-vis the Citizenship theme.

The October 27 meeting will be a Halloween Party!  No work, all frightfully fun play!

The Turkey Dutch Oven campout is next month.  This is always a favorite of the Scouts.  Be sure to sign up on Trooptrack if you and/or your Scout plan to attend.

2016-2017 Meeting Themes

 Theme    Padawan
(Scout Leader)
(Eagle Mentor)
  Master (Adult Mentor) Knots First Aid Rank
Special Cooking   Spinuzzi   
 Winter Camping John D Nick Denfeld   
 Aquatics Steve B Steve B Hall   
 Shooting Sports Cody/Damon Brennan Howe   
 Wilderness Survival Matthew Bobby Z Frick   
 Boating Adrian/Ryan Nick S/Brennan Ruth   
 Mechanics James Nick D Denfeld/Frick   
 Zombie Survival (E-Prep) Steve B. Steve B Kane   
 Cooking Quinten Nick D Spinuzzi   
 Engineering Bennett Bobby Z Dugas   

Sample Meeting Agenda Template




Run by

7:00 PM

Recommended  5 minutes

Opening Ceremony


7:05 PM

Recommended  15 minutes

Patrol Meetings


7:20 PM

Recommended  20 minutes

Skills Instruction



Recommended  25 minutes

Interpatrol Activity (game or skill event)


8:05 PM

Recommended  5 minutes



8:15 PM

After the meeting

§  Pick up trash, return chairs, clean rooms

§  Senior patrol leadership and Scoutmaster review meeting